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I specialize in helping mission-minded leaders and companies build with integrity, and be seen authentically.



Build + Launch

Source Scout, a ChatGPT plugin that leverages artificial intelligence to help journalists identify and quickly vet new sources, was awarded the Knight Lab Grand Prize, and the GPTZero Provenance Prize at Media Party in June 2023. Sign up for updates on the project here.


Have you been marginalized or minoritized?


At Your Career Midpoint

You have done the hard work but realize that is not enough to be valued as you should be.


Nice Is Not Enough

You recognize that nice is not enough to ascend to the level that you want to ascend to.


You Need to be Seen

You realize that you need to be seen and recognized to be elevated corporately and socially.

What My Clients Say

Alicia hosted our 2017 Lean Startup conferences in New York and San Francisco. She was engaging, and had great energy! I even had attendees comment on the great job she did in her live interviews on stage. Plus, she really took a keen interest in learning from the speakers and audience – and did much more than read from a script.

Melissa Z. Moore

Co-Founder, Lean Start-Up and Seneca VC

What My Clients Say

Alicia helped me prepare for my prime-time cable television appearance, clarifying my expertise, helping me understand the program, and introducing me to key hosts and producers that made my television appearance on Anderson Cooper go smoothly. It helped open doors to contribute regularly on cable. She is a connector, great counsel and strategic in her work. Alicia is immensely helpful navigating this world.

Maria Theresa Kumar

Co-Founder & President, Voto Latino

What My Clients Say

The first time I appeared in a news publication, I hadn’t written beyond academic circles. Alicia helped me dig deeper to share a story that was beyond my initial scope, adapt it from the world of academia, and navigate the attention from millions of page views! My debt to her could never be repaid – our work together launched me into a new phase of my work and, I’m happy to say, that I feel like I am really thriving.

Dr. Martha S. Jones

Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Who Am I?

Alicia W. Stewart is a founder and speaker that teaches, trains, and tells true stories about the underestimated, leveraging new technology to build and create with old-fashioned values. She helps leaders and mission-minded companies build with integrity, and be seen authentically via her media consultancy, Alicia W. Stewart Media.

An inquisitive listener, she began her career as an accidental television host and producer in high school. A psychology class assignment sparked her curiosity about why there were so few Black teachers at her suburban high school. That program paved the way to stints as a local radio announcer; local news reporter/anchor; and television producer for children’s programming in the Midwest.

From Chicago to New York, she worked as part of the founding launch teams at three women’s networks - including the launch of a new channel - developing television and interactive programming; creating internal systems and frameworks; and building teams, community and audience.

An intrapreneur, she was part of the founding teams of NBC News Learn, PBS’ African American Lives, and led CNN’s Engage, a groundbreaking unit that identified and incorporated under-covered stories into network coverage. Engage, an internal consultancy, later united with the “In America” documentary unit, and its award-winning website. Outside of the office, she helped relaunch the New York chapter of ONA, the Online News Association, helping grow the local community to the size of the national membership in three years. She also was an active member of the Society of Professional Journalists, NABJ, SAJA, AAJA, NAHJ, plus a judge for the The Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Awards.

Her journalism contributions have been honored with a Harvard Nieman fellowship, a shared Peabody Award, and the Society for Features Journalism for Excellence in Feature Writing.

This pioneering work in newsrooms, nonprofits, and media organizations kindled a desire to build programming and products to solve the problems she witnessed.

Her most recent work, Source Scout, a ChatGPT plugin that leverages artificial intelligence to help journalists identify and quickly vet new sources, was awarded the Knight Lab Grand Prize, and the GPTZero Provenance Prize in June 2023.

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